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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Books on Miracle of Photographs

For some months (since November 2016) I have been reading books on spiritualism, occultism, and esoteric science.
Baba Lokenath
The set of books which I acquired first, were actually selected,
Trilanga Swami
when I got attracted towards the weird appearance of the photographs on the title page. One book led me to select another book. The next book was also selected for the attraction of the photograph displayed on the title page. The first set of books was actually written by an American writer of New Ideas movement in America. However, in a case of that author also, I found that it had a Bengal connection. The later books were also associated with the people of Bengal or the region of Bengal. Even the first downloading happened when I was seeking books by Swami Vivekananda, who again was from Bengal. I have now the complete writing by Swami Vivekananda which was my actual target and motive of all these quests. I had bought the hard copies of the books written by Swami Vivekananda nearly one and a half decades back when they were first published in a compiled form and made available in the market as a complete set. I read few titles, but never completed the reading of any one title. I had even bought that set as a gift for someone about whom I had respect and regards, but later got disenchanted by the overall experience with him and the people associated with him. Presently I am having the same set in a digitized form. I have not started reading those books. In between, I have now read six books which I have acquired in digitized form about which I have mentioned above and there are posts about them on this blog.
Shri Sham Charan Lehri

Shri Vijay Krishna Goswami
I have already mentioned that all these books have a common feature. They have a connection with Bengal and people from Bengal. The second feature which is emerging that they are built around the photographs which are actually paintings based on the photographs. Those paintings are made on the basis of the photographs which are available only to the selected few and they are single species as the subjects of the photographs were some mystic yogis. The contents of these books can be summarized in a single theme and a central idea. These photographs perform miracles. Wow. I am even constrained to state that the main theme is that those pictures perform miracles. Some may object to it. But I write whatever I want to write. The readers may form any view about the contents and my abilities. It is as it is found by this time. 

Note By the Author:
1. The contents can be revised. So this post is not final.
2. More Photographs will be added.
3. The photographs are picked from Wikipedia.

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