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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Little Guide to Greater Glory by Sri M.

The Little Guide to Greater Glory by Sri M. Kindle Cost Rs. 50/-

The Little Guide is too little. What right does it claim to Glory? I can not say. But it will cost you Rs. 50/- on Kindle. The paperback is too costly for the contents.

The profile of Shri M is written by Gp. Capt. (Retd.) Ratnaker Sanadi. You will find a painted profile of Sri Babaji. It is totally different from the profile portrait in Shri Yogananda's Autobiography and similar portrait already available on You get the opportunity to look at the pen portrait of Guru Maheshwarnath Babaji, the guru of Shri M, alias Madhu as the Guru called him alias Shri Mumtaz Ali, the real name.

The book contains eight chapter. The chapter 8 contains merely two paragraphs and they are quoted as the saying of 'M'. Then who is the actual author?

The book is a set of instructions. They are not elaborate. They consist of arguments. If your not of a peculiar mindset, I do not know, what harsh words will you use to describe it?

The information given below can be useful. If you want to contact Shri M, then the postal address given in the book is:

"The Satsang Foundation Office, 48/49, Wheelers Road, Cox Town, Banglore, 560005, India."

The email is:

One of the acquaintance told me about Shri M. He told that he is one of the known Kriya Yogi Expert presently available in India. Therefore, I bought this book.

If you have any idea of the philosophical or spiritual subject and want to know about Kriya Yoga as explained by Shri M, then it is better to watch YouTube. The YouTube editions available are lengthier than this book and contains far more material than what is available in the book. It is neither a good introduction to Shri M's life, nor the teachings of the person. You may say that it will cost you 1 GB data to watch or even download a content for one hour and that would cost you a fortune, then it is up to you but there is no need to buy this book. A profile on the net is easily available on net than what is given in there in the book. However, one of the YouTube which I watched using Jio, was a good experience. Hence, I will suggest you too watch his YouTube editions..

However, his most popular book is "Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master: A Yogis' Autobiography". The Kindle edition as checked on 18/02/2017 is for Rs. 333 and the paperback, for Rs. 370. However, my next reading will be "Meditation: The Art and Science" by Swami Veda Bharti. I have already bought it. It is again recommended by the same person who directed me to Shri M. It is another thing, the person who is directing me is twice, initiated disciple of Shri Ram Swami, the author of "Living with the Himalayan Master." Well, that is another story.

 However, before starting the above-mentioned book, I will like to read W. W. Atkinson and Swami Vivekananda.

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