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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Science of Psychic Healing by W. W. Atkinson

The Science of Psychic Healing by W. W. Atkinson

There are 21 chapters. I am writing it after reading the Chapter 17

Presently I am in a different mood. The supply of electricity is discontinued again. It was not there for ten hours yesterday.

A Contradiction:
In the Fourteen Lessons of Yogi Philosophy, the author invites the seekers to seek the knowledge of Yoga Philosophy. He warns that if they are approaching him to acquire some special powers or 'sensational abilities' then they are not there to instruct them or impart them such things.

In Psychic healing, he gives the motive for the book as instructions or as a practical guide to heal the patients.

There is a contradiction in above two propositions. There is a contradiction between the two premises. There is a contradiction between the actual purpose of the different books which are basically shown as supplementary and complementary to each other.

Herein, the main motive of learning about Yogic philosophy get demolished. Do we really seek all this knowledge to merely to seek superhuman powers? Is it not so? How will peace be achieved? Why is the peace a goal? What does the peace consist? Is it an end or an acquisition?

We are all one. We do not hate or envy each other. We are all going to merge finally with the Ultimate, the Absolute. Is that the peace? You want to convert people to the ways in which you perceive things. You are free to have such a desire. But, who has given you the right to expect others to accept it when the science is doing its job without such a goal?

Jai Charvahaks. Buy Patanjali products. Bake in India. Oh, Sorry. Make in India. Do Anulom, Pratiloma, Kpalbhatti and Pranayama as told to you by the Great Scientist, Thinker and Nationalist Ghamagha Dev. Consult Ghaal Bhasam for Cancer and HIV and any other incurable disease. Even Aliens visit him. Aliens do visit yogis who live in Himalayas. They have not yet revealed that secret. Right, Mr. Yogi Ganchakra. Oh, Sorry Ramcharak.

Has anyone seen any UFO near Rishikesh?

W. W. Atkinson died too soon? He should have visited Rishikesh. He would have learned about making Chavanprash. That would have definitely helped the Americans. It is good for constipation as well as the lungs.

If I am right and If it is true then let me ask, did The Beatles sue an Indian Yogi? Why did they do so? Probably a Yogi from South India may tell the truth.

I must seek blessings of some Yogi. No, Maha Yogi. I believe that is Shiva of Kailash. But he now camps at Benaras. I should visit Sirsa first.

NamamiIshan Nirvan Rupam
Na Jamami Jap Nem Puja.(Sant Tulsidasa)

The Economy and Ground Realities of Published books: A Digital Cheating
There seems to be a truth in an observation that the books by Atkinson are popular even today. As per the American law, the patent rights ends after 60 years. The books by Atkinson are available on free of cost. They are the original books. There are titles which are available on Google Books and Kindle which are available for a consideration. They are recycled with new title prints and formats so that they can be available in the different digital readable format. Is it not a cheating? I fear that the people behind the Internet Archive may not read it. They are also providing these documents in digitally readable format.

Regardless of the above two points, one can still enjoy reading these books. At least, they encourage you to learn about an exercise of breathing correctly. Do it, find it and get the result. The result will be worth the experience. If it gives you some therapeutic benefit, then it is a bonus. But do observe Moderation.

(to be continued). The observation on the completion of the reading. 

This book has 21 chapters. It can be divided into two sections. Up to chapter 17, it should be called Section I on psychic healing. For three chapters, that are from 18 to 20, it should be called Spiritual Healing or Metaphysical Healing. The author then gives instructions to the Spiritual Healer on how to heal the patient. Does a Spiritually awake mind need such instructions? Who will be the better instructor to him, this author or the Absolute?

Just a view:
Out of the whole world, does this field of knowledge work well if it heal the patient? What are the Health systems meant for? Can no other task be expected to be achieved that such esoteric, mystic, omniscient knowledge may think about? Are other problems of the humanity the task of the State in power? Can such expert not reach to each and every person to spread their impact? Is the Yogi Philosophy meant for it? Can Yogi Philosophy think about some other aspect of humanity or even the whole world?

I can not claim to be an authority. It is just a view after reading the book.

Digital and Economic Issue:
As I have stated above, the free document which is available on in digital form in pdf format and also in Kindle format, where you have to pay nothing except for the internet data and electricity which you use and no doubt, the time you devout to read such things apart from your other duties, contains some more details about the document.

That archive document declares it a 'Sequel to Hatha Yoga' which I have already reviewed. The author continues to suggest to the reader in the book, that in order to appreciate the contents of this book, he should practice the guidelines of Hatha Yoga.

The actual publisher is Yogi Publication Society, Chicago, Illinois. The author of this particular book has mentioned about the publisher again and again in the body of the book but does not name it. The London Agent is L. N. Fowler & Co. 7, Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus, E. C., The Latent Light Culture, Tinnevelly, So. India. It seems that it tried to say South India. Tinnevelly is in India. The Copyright is 1906. Is it another clue of Theosophical Society connection? By that time, it was headed by Annie Besant, the person from Great Britain.

The book begins with a passionate appeal to the readers to believe in the content. One message is worth noting. It suggests that the healing should be practised on one own self. I believe that is a better idea.

On the whole, in the case of this book and the Hatha Yoga, I felt amused. In the case of other titles, I remained serious, appreciative, contemplative and reflective. I just admired the contents. But, here, I am moving away. Probably, that is why, I just bought two titles of Sadhguru, a person from South India. I had remarked earlier that all the books, which I have collected by now have a Bengal connection. Here, I find that this book is having a South India connection.

So I am moving from East India to South India. From Calcutta to Madra, from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean, the way River Ganga moves to the Bay of Bengal. Clive from Great Britain moved from Madras to Calcutta. Wow. Quite Mystic.

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