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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Suggestion and Auto Suggestion by W. W. Atkinson

I had completed the reading of the book titled "Suggestion and Autosuggestion" by W. W. Atkinson on April 2, 2017. Before writing the preview immediately, I started another title named Telepathy by W. W. Atkinson. In between, I posted the review on Your Mind. I did not complete even that preview. I had completed the reading of the book titled Telepathy. These acts are not as per the motive this book. However, Time is a big constraint. While writing you have to observe some methods. I have faulted in that.

As far as the book is concerned, it is one of the simplest books by Atkinson. The suggestions or contents as based on personal views of the author. They are very pragmatic suggestions. One can pick this book out his numerous titles for the joy of reading. When you read it, you comprehend what he says. He is a good writer. The issues which he picks relates to you. You accept what he says. Rather you develop clarity in your own thoughts for the understanding which you believe you know. What do you know? You may not be able to answer. But, after reading it, you may be in a position to give  word to your thoughts on it.

First of all, I will reproduce what I have noted during the course of the reading of this book.


Well before that, I introduce to you a new feature of the contents of the review. It is a supplementary feature of the review but it relates to the reading as well the comments in the review. I have called it Free Wikipedia Books with the title W. W. Atkinson References. You may observe the list of such free books on the right hand sidebar of this blog. Presently it is on the top of the right hand sidebar. Those who are reading it on mobile version may pull down to the lower side of the displayed page and switch to website version. You will locate it through the link View web version.

As I have commented again and again on the writing style of W. W. Atkinson, he gives too many testimonies and references in support of his propositions, statements and conclusions. While doing this he refers to too many authorities and most of them are from the field of philosophy and science. In order to make a full picture of the knowledge which he may be able to introduce to you, you need an understanding of the views of those authorities. There are not one or two of them. They are many. From this paradigm, I have developed this paradigm. While reading, in order to make full sense of what he is saying, I keep on doing the web search. During that activity, I find that the articles on Wikipedia provide good support. It is out of that experience and realisation, this model has developed. I used the Bookmaking features on Wikipedia and developed such books. Those books are now shared with the readers. There are some of the technical problems also. But they are because of the Wikipedia Management issues itself. However, it is not the place to take up that issue. It has restricted me from giving a better result. Even then, the product which I have been able to develop, I have shared it here.

For this book, I have developed the book W. W. Atkinson Bibliography (Suggestion and Auto Suggestion). Click it. This will provide you with a PDF format book on the references used by Atkinson which he has used in different chapters. The book is formatted as per the chapters developed by Atkinson. 

In the case of other links, you click on the desired book in the right Sidebar. You will be guided to the side of the wikipedia books. You may locate an instruction "Download" and followed by two links PDF (A4) and PDF (Letter). Click any of them. The software on Wikipedia will compile the book for you with the message that you can download the book. Download it and go through the result. I believe that you may enjoy the product. There may be some technical glitches because of the issues related to the Wikipedia management. In any case, by merely clicking the link, you may be able to check the contents of the book.
(To be Concluded)

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