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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Telepathy: Its Theory, Facts and Proof by W. W. Atkinson

I had completed the reading of this book on April 4, 2017. There is nothing much to say about this book. The contents of this book can be summarised in the following paragraph.

Atkinson believes that the Telepathy is true. It can be proved by scientific methods. A major experiment was carried out in America during 1907 to 1908. The name of the experiment is The Weltmer Experiment.

The survey of the chapters of the book reveals and approves what is written above. They are as follows.

Chapter I: What is Telepathy
Chapter II: The Nature of the Problem
Chapter III: Experimental Telepathy
Chapter IV: The English Experiments
Chapter V: More English Experiments
Chapter VI: The Weltmer Experiment
Chapter VII: Results of The Weltmer Experiment
Chapter VIII: Results of The Weltmer Experiment (Continued)
Chapter IX: The Theories.

The chapterization in itself tells the actual content of the book. It is English Experiments and Weltmer Experiment.

I have developed the Wikipedia Book for it. The entries on Wikipedia also reveals some more features about the actual facts about the theory of the writer itself. Many of the scholars whom he had mentioned for substantiating his argument were not approved by the scientific world. The Wikipedia Book as developed by the blogger can be accessed HERE. It will take you to Wikipedia server. 

Another feature which emerges is that you can not fully depend upon the statements and elaboration of Atkinson. One of his strong argument was that it was first known to the Hindus. They had used it during the revolt of 1857. He claimed that at that the Telegraph was not available in India. As a result, the British administration suffered because of that. The rebels had extensively used this medium to communicate with each other and gave a tough fight because of the exchange of information through telepathy. He had made this claim in the first chapter titled What is Telepathy. It is all wrong. The Telegraph services were available in India. It is another thing that by May 13, 1857, it was disrupted by the revolutionaries. The revolution started on May 11, 1857. For two days, it was working and the British officer in Amery, Jalandhar, Phillaur and Ludhiana had received the information from the telegraph. Secondly, it was again restored by September1857, when the British army recovered Delhi. Hence, the writer himself had not verified his facts.

I do not have any opinion on this parapsychological phenomenon of Telepathy. However, now these days, we have the internet, twitter, facebook, instagram etc. We have smartphones. Do we need such a phenomena? Even if, it exists, then do we need it. We may research it to decide the actual issue. I do not know, how does psychologist deal with it? What do the neurologists tell about it? But, for all these matters, the reading of this book does not provide much material to work upon. It has rather revealed the weaker side of the writings and contents of the book of W. W. Atkinson.

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