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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Your Mind and How to Use it by W. W. Atkinson

My last review on the book written by W. W. Atkinson was on the book titled Subconsciousness and Superconsciousness. It was suggested in the book that the readers should also read Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion. But I picked this book titled Your Mind and How to Use it and completed its reading today, that is March 30, 2017. I have started the reading of the Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion. The writer is good at his art of writing on difficult subjects. You may develop your views and opinion on it but you can read his next title.

As far as the book on the Manual of using the Mind is concerned, I would like to ask a question. Is the mind a topic meant for Psychology? When I was reading this book, I felt as if I am reading a book on Psychology. Presently Psychology has progressed much and established its status as a full fledged subject which is adding to the knowledge of humanity. There are many people in the field of Medical science who give different views but as a subject it has been fully recognized and utilized field. I had read the books on psychology during my college days. At that time also, there was a debate about the actual scope of the psychology. The chapters which formed the part of such books were not appreciated much. When I read this book, I was reminded of my older reading. I remember, that was a book written by Knight and Knight. I sought some more information on it. But, I did not find the right person. I happened to meet pseudo intellectuals who knew a little but had strong opinions on everything. Here, I was just wondering what actually I was reading. Some of the chapters were really interesting. In the case of some chapters I just glided over it. In the case on the topics of logic, Deductive logic, and Inductive logic, I became unconcerned. But, still, I want to read the next title by Atkinson. That is the beauty of the writing of the work of this writer.

Now let me share one of my response, which I wrote during the course of the of writing. That is as per the motive of this blog. You may call it a review. But, I call it Reading, contemplating, reflecting, pondering and response writing even if it reveals my lack of comprehension and inabilities.

(to be concluded)

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