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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thus, I Wrote a Book


It is an advertisement. It is an advertisement in self promotion. I am going to blow my own trumpet in my own appreciation.

I will not like that anyone may feel that he or she has wasted his or her time reading the whole post. In brief, I have published an ebook. The thumbnail display is given below.

The rest of the post follows after this display.

This is my first ebook. It is my third book that is published and available to the readers.

It is not that I have written only three books. I have written some books related to courses concerning different level of academic courses but that is a different story.

The book is published on Kindle Direct Publication (KDP) under their Self Publication paradigm. It is written in Hindi. It falls under the category of Literature and Short story. The whole book is a single story in itself of an unclassified category.

The book is based on the content of one of my blog. In other words, it is 'a blog to a book' product. In simpler terms, I have converted one of my blog into a book.

The name of the blog is 'Sumir Sharma Hindi Main'. The blog was started in 2005. I always desire to write in Hindi. However, due to some technical hindrances, I am not able to pursue it aggressively. I can type in English at a good speed. Therefore, whenever, I get a chance to write on the Internet or for publication, I prefer to write in English.

Secondly, way back in 2005, when I wished to write in Hindi on the Internet, there were not enough models and methods for people like us who did not have the required knowledge of computers, to write in Hindi. In those days, the Internet speed was also very slow. Secondly, there were regular electricity cuts for a long period which continued for days together. I virtually struggled to show something in Devanagari Script on the Internet. However there were some people already writing it in Hindi on the Internet. I was able to establish contact with them and with their help I was able to write that blog.

Now, it is easy to say that you can write. When you attempt to write for a wider audience, you find lack of faith in your ownself. Sometimes, you are not able to appreciate your own writing. You fear criticism. You fear that nobody would read it. You fear that it will be a mere wastage of time. Soon, you realise that you stand nowhere.

I generally write in Hindi. However, when I got the chance to write the blog in Hindi after learning it from my friends on the Internet, I found that I had nothing substantial to write for my blog. I had written some poems in my childhood. I did not have the confidence in the quality of those poems. The need was to put something in Hindi on the Internet. I had the ready material with me. It was merely an experiment to display something in Hindi. Secondly, poems are generally shorter in length. Therefore, I displayed some of the poems on that blog. It was a surprise for me that I received some encouraging comments on them. It increased my enthusiasm and gave me encouragement. However, during this whole struggle, the friends on the Internet continued to help me to improve my skills on writing in Hindi on the Internet. I even wrote a story at that time. Even, that story brought me some appreciation from unknown quarters. It all happened on the Internet. There are evidences of these activities still showing on my blog.

Now, the whole of this activity is compressed into an ebook form. That is the story which I have presented in the book. The title of book is 'Ek Kahani Kuch Kavitayan'. In English, it can be called as 'One Story Few Poems'.

I had learned about Kindle Direct Publication (KDP) or rather had downloaded their software somewhere in the beginning of 2017. Earlier, I had discontinued my activity of publishing books with traditional Publishers. I was confined to blogging. The Kindle Direct Publication has provided an opportunity to self publish your work. I find it as an opportunity to fulfil my earlier dreams. I want to execute my earlier dream plans into a reality. I have started working on all those projects which I once dreamed to publish through traditional method.

I had set a target to come up with a book this year. My work is still continuing. In the meantime, I tried to enquire from the Amazon people (The KDP is a part of Amazon.) that if I could publish in Hindi. They suggested me a way out. But, again there was a technical problem. It was just a chance that I happened to acquire Anmol Fonts from one of my acquaintance. I have Kruti Fonts, Mangal Fonts, and many more such Fonts already with me. But, I was never able to become comfortable with them. However, Anmol Fonts are more user friendly. I had already this plan in my mind to convert my experiences on blogging in Hindi into a story.

My work on my other titles is still in progress. The year was coming to end and I was not ready with my manuscript. I got this idea that I must try to practice typing on the Anmol Fonts. I visualized a plan to write that story which I wished to write. In short, I was able to collect the material which could be converted into a book. I tried to format it on the Kindle Textbook Creator. To my surprise, I was able to compile a book. In this manner, this book was written.

I believe that those who have read it up to here may have liked this story. However, the book that is mentioned here, is in Hindi.  

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