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Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Reason For Not Posting Any New Post For Long on this Blog

I have not stopped reading.

I have not stopped writing.

I have not remained away from this blog. I had watched it regularly.

I have not stopped blogging.

I have read new books during the period of absence from this blog. I consider reading and writing complementary to each other. I have written a post on my Author Platform on this aspect.

When I read a book, I always write on it in my diaries. It is another thing that after migrating to the Kindle reader, I have been writing in the note section of the Kindle. However, that cannot be called writing. I write private notes on whatsoever I read. It is a rule, but sometimes, I do not maintain my practice. However, I have observed that making small notes on Kindle is also a way of writing. The act of writing annotations is one part of writing and growth of understanding. Many self-improvement writers have suggested the methods of creating tags while reading. It is a practice which is followed by highly placed executives, lawyers, journalists, judges, scientists and others. In short, I am still writing. I have not posted any article for long on this blog. But I read and write during this period. I have already revealed in the previous paragraph that I have written on my other blog, which is titled "Author Page of Sumir Sharma". No doubt, I have started a new blog, and it is one of the reasons that I have remained away from this blog.

I want to reiterate one thing. I have remained sincere to my basic norm and ethic. I read, and I wrote. I would like to emphasis one aspect on this norm of reading and writing as one thing having two inseparable sites. There was a paradigm shift during this period. Let me share it here.

I have reviewed many books on self-improvement on this blog. Among many readers, there is a doubt about the efficacy and utility of such titles. It is a different issue. I would instead like to move to the point which I desire to make here. While living the course of synchronizing reading and writing, I have already emerged as a self-publishing author. A self-publishing author has to perform multiple tasks on his own even if he or she takes up the help of the supporting expertise of others. Borrowing a message of an editor, who herself is a self-publishing authoress, I found that such authors have to perform a work of a CEO of a company. They have to attend to the work of production, which is their first role, then, they do the publishing, then the marketing and the finance involved in all these activities and finally no doubt, the actual profit made out of all that.

On being emerging as a self-publishing author, the content of my reading also underwent a shift. I collected and read books on writing methods, writing skills, marketing of the books and related issue. During the course of such a reading activity, I would like to mention the titles of Derek Doepker who wrote “Why Authors Fail – 17 Mistakes Self-published Authors Make That Sabotage Their Success And How to Fix Them”; “Writing A Book A Week”, by Alex Foster, “How I Sold 80,000 Books, Book Marketing for Authors” by Alinka Rutkowska and many other related books and supporting self-improvements. I have not written any review on them. However, the reading of those books had left deep scratches on my brain, which influenced my vision of raising myself as a self-publishing author. There were many suggestions, a bundle of information, tonnes of data and different facts. I was able to appreciate many things written in those books.

 I believe I am not capable or grown enough to value some of the suggestions. Some of the advice, I think are not practicable for me in India where I live. However, a quantum of impact was there. I developed an understanding that as a writer, I must connect to readers through different media apart from the contents of my book. The aspiration of writing a perfect novel which entraps the attention of the whole world is an idea which is a delusion. If one can write a book, that thing is in itself an excellent thing to do. If the book is read even by a half a dozen readers who are not known to you, then you are a success. On Amazon and through Kindle, your book is at least open by the members of Kindle Unlimited. Even if, that happens, then as a writer, you are a success.

From the churning of words done by other authors on marketing, I picked the suggestion of connecting to readers apart from your book. There are numerous methods which are being suggested. Blogging is one of that. One of the tips is to develop an Author Page or Author Platform. If it is the message in the suggestion, and if I have understood it rightly, then It was what I did in-between.  I created two blogs instead. They are as follows.

The blog Author Page is a general blog. Herein, the author talks to the reader about the topics relating to writing, writing skills, the methods of writing and related issue.

The Platform of Golden Kit is for a specific book of the author. In the blog, the author discusses the content of the book and issues related to the activity.

During these developments, I have derived some conclusions. They may interest many.

I have learned that the Self-Improvement books are not an inferior form of literature as some readers and discussions on this genre suggest. The style of Self-Improvement books in the genre of Non-fictional literature is a substantial cerebral activity. It relates to your present-day life. It provides solutions to the issues and problems which are real.

The second observation is that blogging is not a redundant thing. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube are the present-day buzz word. They have created a lot of commotion and blogging is sidelined in the din which has been raised. The activity has an intrinsic strength which would ensure its continuity. It is a meaningful activity which has its value. Too many people have ridden the waves of the cyber sea and raising a noise of their underdeveloped brains. Thumping the keypad with thumbs are far less productive than using all the fingers on the keyboard. The input methods may change, but the discourse which can be given through blogging is far ahead than the rest of the mediums. Even on Youtube, an over voice is needed. A stream of visuals may not be liked for long.

As far as the writers and readers are concerned, blogging can be an excellent platform to interact.

All such thoughts, readings, writings and activities are the reason behind my absence from this blog. I am here, and I will continue to post on this blog.

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