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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Google Preview of Sumir's books is available now

All my books are presently available on Amazon sites.

Now, almost all my books published so far have become available on the Google Books site. Previews of those books are also alive.

The Preview of all my books can be seen up to 60 per cent of the total written material. Thirty per cent of that Preview can also be Copy Paste.

Readers who do not want to buy my book but want to use the contents of those books can now access my books by visiting the site of Google Books.

You have to go to Fill in the search term "Sumir Sharma" in the search window. My books will come in your search result. Click on the title thumbnail of the book that you are interested in, and you will see the Preview.

For the readers, I am giving below URLs of some of my books whose Preview is available on Google Books. The URLs are embedded in the title of the books listed below. All you have to do is to click on the title of the book. Your browser will take you to the Google Books site of the book.

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