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Sunday, April 5, 2020


My new book “WORLD HISTORY – A SELECTIVE AND LIMITED CONTENT SERIES – TWO” is now available on the Google Play.

The URL of the book is

This is the second book in the series. The URL of the first book is

With this book, I have released two books on Google Playbooks directly. It means that these books are not available at Amazon.

One of the significant reasons for abstaining from releasing this book on Amazon is that these books are without any charges to the buyer on the Playbooks. I intend to keep it free for some time. It can not be done on Amazon. One has to approach them and put your case to make your book free. It is what I have learnt from my reading of some books which are written by such authors who also run coaching courses for the writers.

There are many reasons for keeping it free. The books are mainly textbooks. They pertain to the specific syllabus. They are not major work. Their readers have a specific need, and the books are framed with that need in mind. They are meant for the students. Therefore, there are many reasons and constraints which do not allow to keep the price on them.

The other reason is of formatting. In the case of Kindle Publishing, I have faced some problems. It looks nice that when one formats the book on Kindle Create, nothing much is required to be done after that. However, the formatting takes time on Kindle Create. When one writes a manuscript, different methods are adopted. A Non-Fiction writer deals with an argument, or with some facts and data; such issues are dealt with separately. It is at a later stage that the content is built in the main manuscript, and organic unity is imparted to the whole manuscript. Through all such efforts, a writer reads the manuscripts again and again. During the process, the author develops his signature style in which the author formats the manuscript. When the author is satisfied with the manuscript, and he moves to publish it on Kindle Direct Publishing, it is my understanding the safest bet is to go through Kindle Create software. In Kindle Create Software, many aspects of the style are demolished in the Kindle Create which one has used in MS Word.

Anyhow, I have not abandoned Amazon. I will not do that. I am presently going with Google. There is another crucial reason behind it. In India, if you insist on a particular matrix, then you are marked as doing PR for a particular group. Secondly, you can not direct anybody to follow a specific path. Google is popular in India. In India, it is the dominating narrative which has the right to be called the true intellect. So, the best thing is Google, and so I go with Google.