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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Grab a Branded Free eBook

 The books in the public domain are freely available on the internet.

Many sites have raised a bank of such data and share it on the internet. One of the ways is that one may frame a search phrase composed of the title of the book and add 'pdf' to it. There are sites like and archive org which will provide the desired result. In addition to that, some blogs offer pdfs of books based on a theme. Many of them ask for donations, and their existence in the virtual world remains doubtful.


Kindle Books on Amazon and Google Playbooks provide a large depository of such books. They put in some efforts to provide a good experience of reading. Therefore, the title of this post is termed as branded about the books offered free of cost by Amazon and Google.


If one is interested in a useful reading and knows the benefit of reading the books of established mind, then some methods can be used to acquire a treasure of good books free of cost. No doubt, one cannot get a recently published book by a famous author. However, if one appreciates the benefit of reading, then the established authors of bygone days can provide enough entertainment.


Free eBooks on Kindle Amazon

A reader who is convinced about the benefit of reading may have a list of earlier writers and titles which she may have desired to read. Such a reader may visit the Amazon site and, in the search window, type the name of the author which he or she wishes to read. The result, which may be obtained, may contain a list of titles by the desired author. Visit the product site of anyone book and check if there is an author page for that author. On the author page of the author, one can find a bonanza of free books. Rest one may guess what to do next.


Free eBooks on Google Play Books.

One has to perform the same exercise on  In the result sheet, click on the name of the author. In the resulting output, one may find the link to the preview of the books. Visit the preview section of any of the title. If the book is in the public domain, then on the left-hand side of the sheet, one may find a link to the free eBook on Google Playbooks.


The list of the writers and their free books on Amazon

Presently only ten names are provided. If the trick is understood well, then one may explore further.

Charles Dickens

David Hume

Jonathan Swift

William Shakespeare

Thomas Hardy

Virginia Woolf

George Eliot

Leo Tolstoy

Mark Twain

H. G. Wells



In the above list, one may find many titles are also priced. One may have to explore the whole bibliography of the author to locate the zero priced books.


The format on Google playbooks

The names in the above-given list can also be explored on In the search result, click the title. One may land on the page of the book, which provides two options. One can download the pdf of the book or go for an eBook on Google Playbook. One has to remember that the title is in the public domain. There also, one may find some books with a price tag. However, Google possesses a giant bank of such books, free and available in pdf format.


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