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Sunday, May 2, 2021

A Method to Grab Branded Free eBooks of Recent Writers

The post contains two sections. Section One narrates a story. It is the style that I adopt while writing posts on my blog. I believe the regular readers may have identified it. I tend to narrate a story to tell my point of view or provide information.

Section two contains the method to acquire the Free eBooks of Recent Writers.

Now it is up to the readers that how far one is interested in reading my posts. However, I invite the visitor to read the whole post if he or she is really interested in acquiring the free books.

The present post substantiates my earlier post, which is titled "Grab a Branded Free eBook".

Section One: The Episode

I have written a book titled “A Golden Kit for Self-Publish a Book Written in Hindi (eBookWriting 1) (Hindi Edition)”.

It is time to write the next edition of the book. For me, the current edition has shown a satisfactory sale. Now, I am working on the fresh edition.

As per the norms of Kindle Direct Publishing, I have categorised it in two categories, namely, Business Industries and Professions which forms one type as per the Kindle Direct Publishing. The second category in which I have placed is Language, Linguistics and Writing.

I am following numerous Self-Publishing trainers. Among their countless free advice, they suggest that one has to ensure the book's sale regularly. The suggestion involves different dimensions. They are all related to the marketing of the product.

A regular sale is an essential factor in making one successful in the self-publishing field. I am experiencing it in the case of my portfolio. Many inside mechanisms are omitted from the present narration. The main thing was that I had concluded that I should boost the sale of the Golden Kit on Self-Publishing.

The Kindle Direct Publishing allows their authors to promote their book free of cost for five days for a slot of 6 months. As a strategy for my forthcoming edition, I decided to avail myself the option of free promotion for the Golden Kit on Self-Publishing. I did not create any advertisement for it. I placed a simple message on my Facebook page of the Golden Kit that the book would be free for three days. When the promotion was initiated by Kindle Direct Publishing, the sale of the book took place. It started reflecting in its ranking in those two categories. I had placed the book in two categories on Kindle Direct Publishing, which were the Business Industry and Professions and the language and Writing. In the case of the Business Industry, it soon found a place in the first hundred Top Best-Selling List. It remained on the spot One for a day. Such a type of good happenings related to one's life and thing gives delight. It gives occasion to know about the other titles also which are popular in that category. There I located that some highly qualified authors were also listed. The list was about the Business Industry, and therefore there were titles based on recent research. The titles of such authors and Business Industry were also available for free of cost. Some of the titles attracted my attention. In the case of a dozen of titles, their actual price was more than one thousand rupees.


Now, can one guess what would I have done?

Before getting an answer, I say that what I did.

I downloaded many of them. There were titles on Agricultural practices and food industry management. I am not interested in those fields. But there were many books on digital marketing and related industries. I just grabbed them.


Well, that is about the episode. Now, if one is interested, then read section Two.


Section Two: The Method

There is a method that can be adopted for acquiring Free Books on Amazon and Kindle Store.

Select any title of one's interest or search any author who interests you on the Amazon book store.

Reach the Product page of the title.

Move down the Product page of the title and locate the section on Product Details.

Under Product Details, there is an entry on “Best Sellers Rank”. Such an entry is related to the categories in which the Kindle Books are distributed.

Just adjacent to Best Seller Rank, a link for “Top 100 in Kindle Store” is shown. Click it.

The web page of the Top 100 in Best Selling books will be shown.

The Best Sellers in Kindle Store page reached as per the method suggested here, also displays Top 100 Free set. Enter that page. Then the rest one may do as per his or her own choice. 

Catalogue of books written by Sumir Sharma on Amazon 

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